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We have incorporated the use of recyled materials into all building infrastructure. The cafe is the old tractor shed. We have scavanged salvage yards for doors, blinds and windows, even our winery has recycled roof sheeting and old jarrah door frames from a local winery that was 'upgrading'. Fully insulated and with natural shading from trees, we use as little external power for temperature control. We never shy away from the fact we have a 'rustic' ambiance, in part, from the very materials we have built with.


The winery has been a slow process of acquiring tanks and equipment for many years. We have bought exactly 1 new tank, the rest being bought from other small producers who have no longer needed them. Our 2 presses are circa 1968 and 1975, and we estimate around 95% of our entire winemaking equipment has been sourced sustainably. I take great joy in showing people my wine which is a step back to tradition, yet with intensities and balance of any modern wine style.


Buy a case of our wine, and chances are, that case has been used before! Cardboard is re-used, and re-used, so don't always expect a squeeky clean shiny new cardboard box from us. Check our labels and you will see we print with natural dyes on fully recycled paper stocks. There are certain necessities for commercial wine production, but what really counts is what's in the bottle.

Green Power:

We utilise solar power to produce up to 70% of our energy demands throughout the year.

We are the first winery in Australia to create biogas from waste streams to generate green electricity. We have been trialling a system for a number of months and now we can run a generator which effectively takes some of our power for the winery and cafe completely off the grid for a short period. Further trials will help us gain the necessary data and information to illustrate significant savings and then promoted to the wine community. So next time you are eating at the cafe, or drinking some of our will feel even better knowing that when we talk sustainability, we mean it!!